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Find new customers by their specific lab use case - not just their subject area

REID: Researcher Equipment Insights Directory

Do you know who is using your products? Do you know who isn't, but should be?

REID can show you which scientists are using your equipment, show you how they are using it, and tell you where they are carrying out their research. REID does this simply, easily and directly. No more trawling through PubMed or Google Scholar hunting for mentions of your products. It even works for your competitors' products too.

Explore our vast dataset of publications, protocols and supplementary data today.

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REID can give you the ‘who, how, and where’, for your products

Understanding instrument use and demand has always been a challenging and time-consuming process. With REID, this is no longer the case:

  • Effortlessly assess how your equipment and products are used and track groundbreaking science enabled by your products
  • Track how your competitors' equipment is being used
  • Easily discover the preferred equipment of leading PIs and researchers
How REID can enhance your day to day workflow

REID is accessible via our easy-to-use interface. There is no need to create an account or install any software: just click on the button below and fill in your details to receive access.

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